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Adding Mobile Presence to Skype for Business.

Adding Mobile Presence to Skype for Business.

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  • With Skype for Business increasingly winning in popularity comes the wish for tighter integration with mobile devices. Giving the user a completer inside into colleague availability!
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The solution to this ‘challenge’ is the NetProxy mobile device presence app of Dantelo which provides real-time line- and connection status information from the GSM / Cell phone / mobile device into:  the Microsoft Lync 2010 client, the Microsoft Lync 2013 client and the Microsoft Skype for Business client.


The NetProxy solutions introduces the following additional  availability information (‘features’) in
Lync and  Skype for Business client:

• Available on the mobile;

• Busy on mobile;

• Busy on mobile abroad (“Country”);

• Mobile roaming abroad (“Country”);

• The phone is switched off;

• The phone’s location.


Note: features will vary depending on the type of integration.


The mobile presence NetProxy application supports: Android and IOS. The solution is: cloud based – availability through a multi-tenant SAAS model. Can be installed on-premise when dealing with a medium to large enterprise or when Partner Hosting is needed and supports CAMEL mobile network integration.


About Dantelo

Dantelo ApS, founded in 2003 and headquartered in Roskilde – Denmark is an integrated network solutions organization developing carrier-grade, high-throughput products and services. Dantelo assists large enterprise’s, mobile carriers and VoIP service providers, deploy cloud based ‘presence aware’ Unified Communications solutions for the B2B market. Their proven solutions help bridge the gap between end-users who need more freedom and enterprises who have a need for tighter business IT integration, with mobile carrier and VoIP network solutions.



Email: kent.jakobsen@dantelo.com

Benelux distribution via SoftApp.

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