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Advocaten lanceren website om misverstanden schadevergoeding na verkeersongeluk weg te nemen

Advocaten lanceren website om misverstanden schadevergoeding na verkeersongeluk weg te nemen

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  • Veel slachtoffers van een verkeersongeluk weten niet dat ze recht hebben op een schadevergoeding. De slachtoffers die dagelijks in het verkeer vallen laten daardoor duizenden euro’s liggen, aldus letselschade advocaten Stefan Baggerman en André Ruesink. Iets waar het tweetal graag verandering in brengt, dus lanceren ze samen de website Letselschade Verkeer. Op de website kunnen slachtoffers via de Letselschadescan snel advies inwinnen over hun situatie en ook de kennisbank induiken om uitgebreider geïnformeerd te worden over hoe je na een ongeluk een schadevergoeding realiseert.
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  • info@letselschadeverkeer.nl

Many victims of a traffic accident do not know that they are entitled to compensation. The victims who are in daily traffic leave thousands of euros, according to personal injury lawyers Stefan Baggerman and André Ruesink. Something the couple would like to change, so they launch the website Personal Injury Traffic . On the website, victims can quickly obtain advice on their situation through the Personal Injury Scan and also go to the knowledge base to get more information about how to realize compensation after an accident.

Obtaining compensation after a traffic accident is surrounded by a lot of misunderstandings, that injury lawyers Stefan Baggerman and André Ruesink have been a lawyer for the past twenty years. For example, many victims are convinced that they do not claim compensationbecause they think for example that their injuries are “too small” or assume that legal assistance from a lawyer is at the expense of the compensation that they will receive. But they are all misconceptions. Even small injuries such as a broken arm can result in compensation and if you are awarded a claim, your legal assistance will not cost you anything because the lawyer will then be paid by the other party. In order to help such stubborn misunderstandings and help victims of an accident, Baggerman and Ruesink launched the Personal Injury Traffic website .

“We think we should assist victims as well as possible”, say the two lawyers. That is why traffic casualties on the website can not only contact the legal aid duo, but also get quick advice by doing a test and there are several extensive articles available about personal injury.

André Ruesink and Stefan Baggerman both worked for an insurance company before they started a law firm. This experience with both sides of a claim is an added value and ensures that they can properly assist victims. André Reusink says that he sees that victims are often in a weaker legal position, because the liable party (the insurance company responsible for the accident) often has more knowledge, experience and resources than the victim. “It is a challenge for me to offer a counterbalance from a relationship of trust with the client and to bring balance to the life of the victim through an optimal result.”

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