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ALTER DOMUS, twee nieuwe services na ratificatie AIFMD in Luxembourg

ALTER DOMUS, twee nieuwe services na ratificatie AIFMD in Luxembourg

  • Nederland
  • Luxembourg — 11 July 2013 — Alter Domus, a leading global service provider of Fund and Corporate Services, dedicated to private equity houses, real estate firms, multinationals and private clients, is pleased to announce that it is launching two initiatives in Luxembourg.
  • Alter Domus Netherlands

As previously announced, the firm is launching new Depositary Services and has already submitted its application to the CSSF. It is also bringing international knowledge to the Luxembourg marketplace with the launch of a dedicated team of experts for Sociétés en Commandite Spéciale, the new limited partnership comparable to US/UK style limited partnerships.

Those two initiatives have been prepared in the view of the Bill of Law N°6471 which has been adopted by the Luxembourg Parliament yesterday July 10, relating to the transposition of Directive 2011/61/UE on Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). Alter Domus will continue to monitor the evolution of the AIFMD regulation and, as needs and opportunities arise, will leverage its experience to provide such services in other relevant countries.

Laurent Vanderweyen, CEO of Alter Domus said “Selecting an experienced firm operating in the real estate and private equity industry like Alter Domus as a depositary will be decisive to obtaining an efficient answer to the new challenges set by the AIFM Directive.” “This new limited partnership vehicle positions Luxembourg as an attractive destination for offshore regulated and unregulated funds, providing investors with flexible, confidential and tax appealing vehicles.”

Alter Domus is more than ready to assist its clients through the evolution of the AIFM Directive and provide guidance on how the regulation may impact individual funds and related SPVs.

Please address any questions concerning Alter Domus Depositary Services to Fabrice Buchheit, Head of Depositary Services +352 48 18 28 6422 or at address any questions concerning Alter Domus Limited Partnership Services to Sara Speed, Senior Manager +352 48 18 28 3501 or at

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