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Amicorp Community Foundation: Hoe uw bedrijf of familie kunnen ook profiteren

Amicorp Community Foundation: Hoe uw bedrijf of familie kunnen ook profiteren

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  • At Amicorp, we try to make a difference for the less privileged to help themselves out of hunger and poverty, become self-empowered, more confident and dignified. In 2001 we established the Amicorp Community Foundation (ACF) to focus our social empowerment efforts, increase environmental consciousness, and preserve bio-diversity.
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ACF has a portfolio of social responsibility projects which we set up ourselves and manage. From Latin America to Asia and Africa, our projects range from a vocational training center, CO2 emissions offsetting, effort towards conservation of the endangered rhinoceros, to a day care center.

Make a difference to those in need by working with ACF and adopting our global projects. We will help you to realize your philanthropy and corporate social responsibility mission with ease, and save you valuable time and resources.

We don’t charge administration fees therefore 100% of your funds are channeled into the projects.

We can also help you to identify and manage other social programs that are aligned with your core values. All you have to do is reach out to us and start a conversation which will make a difference.

Examples of our projects include:

Empowering with Life Skills / Vocational Training: Amicorp Community Center, Bali, Indonesia

The Amicorp Community Center (ACC) will provide vocational and life skills training for thousands of people from low and no income families in the northern-eastern Buleleng regency, Bali, Indoensia, where the largest numbers of Bali’s poorest communities subsist.

ACC features a professional training kitchen and restaurant as well as multi-function classrooms to deliver training in hospitality and service industry skills such as cooking, food and beverage service, housekeeping and front office, as well classes in English, computer literacy and grooming and hygiene. ACC’s vision is to prepare as many less privileged people as possible to access employment opportunities that will come once hotels and restaurants are established in this region of Bali when the island’s second airport in nearby Kubutambahan is expected to be completed in 2018.

Sanitation Project: Bali, Indonesia

Open defecation compromises women’s safety and creates health problems such as diarrhea that impacts the ability to eat, sleep, think, work and study. Approximately 480 households in the subsistence villages of Les in the Buleleng regency in north Bali live without toilets. They practice open defecation. Initiated in 2011, ACF is working to provide each of these households with a toilet. Along with the installation, training on use and maintenance is provided to the beneficiaries. The conversion from open defecation to toilets bring seven times return on investment from better use of land, time and economic resources.

Greening up with Ami-Carbon Offset Project: Chile

Do you keep track of your carbon footprint? In 2013 Amicorp Group employees collectively flew 6.6 million miles (10.6 million kms), emitting 657 tonnes (657,000kgs) of C02. To offset this, 29,330 trees will be planted on our land in the Chanco region on the south coast of Chile.

Let Amicorp Community Foundation help you to neutralise your carbon footprint by planting trees. A ton (1000kgs) of CO2 can be neutralized by 45 trees a year.

Endangered Animals Conservation at the Mapesu Ranch : Limpopo, South Africa

The “critically endangered” black hook lipped rhinoceros and the “near threatened” white, square-lipped species, number no more than 4,000 and 18,000 respectively. At Mapesu Ranch, a secluded area of 5,851 ha (14,458 acres) bordering Mapungubwe National Park in the Vembe area of Limpopo, rhinos live and procreate in relative safety. Support of the conservancy can be extended in numerous ways, from helping to build a boma (or enclosure) to secure a safe environment for the endangered animals to lifetime adoption of a rhino or an elephant. Boma-building programs can be combined with customized corporate events, including teambuilding, personal development and leadership training programs.

Empowering less privileged children at Tuma Mi Man daycare center, Curacao

Initiated in 2008, Tuma Mi Man is a day-care center offering free childcare services to children whose parents or caregivers do not have the means to provide them with opportunities to develop to their full potential. Tuma Mi Man means Take my Hand in the Papiementu language spoken in Curacao.
Please help us to empower our children during their first steps in life. You can sponsor a child per year for $1000, or explore other sponsorships programs.

Multiply your impact with the Ami-Art Scholarship: Singapore

Art is for everyone. Multiply your impact when you gift the Ami-Art scholarship to promising young individuals from low income families. Your beneficiaries will have the opportunity to develop their talent and reach their full potential. As part of their obligations, the beneficiaries will create five art pieces to be auctioned at the end of their third and final year of their scholarship, with proceeds to go towards a “beneficiary cause” of your choice. They will also perform eight hours of community service a year that will foster the spirit of social responsibility and repaying the goodwill. Ami-Art is in partnership with the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), a pioneer of Arts Education in Singapore. Founded in 1938, NAFA is a not-for-profit arts education institution and an Institution of Public Character.

Resource-based volunteering: “Rent a Charity”

A philanthropist said: “When I was younger and money was scarce, I volunteered my time. Now that time is scarce, I contribute money”.

At Amicorp, we call this resource-based volunteering. “Rent a Charity” was conceived on the premise that there are individuals, families and companies wishing to fulfil their desire to engage in philanthropy and corporate social responsibility, but who are not yet in a position to dedicate the time or human resources, or have the expertise to engage in it meaningfully.

Aside from the above suite of projects, we can also help you to identify and manage other social programs that are aligned with your core values. All you have to do is reach out to us and start a conversation which will make a difference.

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