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Amicorp: Investment Portfolio Administration Services

Amicorp: Investment Portfolio Administration Services

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  • Amicorp BPO’s Investment Portfolio Administration Services offers private clients, high net worth individuals, family offices and investment managers an innovative solution for independent consolidation of multiple investment portfolios. The investment portfolio statements contain valuable information on the distribution of the portfolio across different banks, investment institutions, markets, industries, currencies, investment vehicles and types of securities, as well as the value and performance of the respective portfolios. The service provides the required control over the portfolios. Risks can easily be monitored and managed. Investment decisions are easier to arrive at when you have a single consolidated view and those decisions are accurately reported.
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Service Advantages

Amicorp has the systems, processes and experienced staff to consolidate clients’ investment portfolios.

The advantages of using Amicorp BPO’s Investment Portfolio Administration Services are:

  • It enables portfolio analyses at a consolidated level along with graphical representations (meeting Global Investment Performance Standards).
  • An online portal and single view reports (both standard and customized if required) give full insight into the historical and actual value of the portfolios (based on different data feeds) and all assets including custom securities can be added.
  • Offering several benchmarks and the asset allocation against the desired allocation (from Investment Letters). These are available at any given moment if required, for Trustees, Managing Partners, Directors, etc., leading to improved communication with Investment Managers.
  • The automated approach towards data extraction and processing (from hard and soft copies) ensures timeliness and accuracy and allows the re-use of information for accounting purposes.

Service Delivery

Clients can leave the process entirely to Amicorp. We can receive multiple portfolio statements directly from the client or can obtain them through secure online access (provided by banks and investment managers) and store the portfolio statements on secure servers, before consolidation of portfolios is performed. Amicorp can perform consolidation of portfolios under the logo or brand of your own office.

Service Costs

Amicorp will leverage on its automation tools, economies of scale and process expertise to provide an economical solution that will add value to you and/or your organization. We leverage on our highly skilled team in Mauritius, which provides the same or higher levels of experience and performance, against a lower price. The package fees for Investment Portfolio Administration Services are based on the number of portfolios and securities to be consolidated on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and on the complexity of the reports. Peripheral costs will not be applicable.

Amicorp BPO

Amicorp BPO leverages the expertise of being a financial services company for over 20 years. We offer our clients high-end legal and financial outsourcing including Investment Portfolio Administration Services delivered from our quality BPO operations in Mauritius. These services provide investors the required control over their portfolios, enabling them to make better investment decisions for the future by taking a consolidated view of their portfolios.

Amicorp is a trusted service provider for thousands of private and corporate clients worldwide. We are present in more than 25 countries. For more detailed information on how Amicorp BPO provides its Investment Portfolio Administration Services, please contact the Amicorp office near you, or one of the offices specifically specialized in our Private Office Services.

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