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Amiportal: centraliseren en beveiligen van uw gegevens

Amiportal: centraliseren en beveiligen van uw gegevens

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  • Centralize and secure your data whilst outsourcing your non-core processes Documents and records of companies and family offices should be considered assets - integral for business decisions, transactions, and interacting with authorities, financial institutions and other businesses.
  • Amicorp Netherlands B.V.
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We encounter companies and family offices storing records in multiple locations and in a variety of forms. For example, corporate secretarial registers are held by the legal functions; financial statements and tax filings with the finance and tax functions; and correspondence with government authorities could be stored in a warehouse. Amiportal is designed to address your requirements for managing and archiving documents which form the basis of your legal, finance, treasury and tax arrangements. Amicorp provides our corporate clients, family offices and intermediaries, as well as entities which are not managed by Amicorp, direct access to your documentation through Amiportal’s secure website using our enhanced information technology. Amiportal offers you accessibility and speed, whilst also maintaining and enhancing information security and confidentiality. Your data is securely maintained on our own servers located in Switzerland. You can digitally access all entity documentation and invoices at any time, from any location of your choice. Amiportal also offers the ability to easily interact with your Amicorp account manager.

Key benefits include:

  • Protection and preservation (how long should documents be kept?)
  • Consolidation of records in one location
  • Organization for accessibility: immediate access to your entity’s files
  • Documents can be downloaded and reviewed at any time
  • Real time information about your service administration tasks
  • Easy access for uploading of documents to the secure digital cabinet
  • Eliminate the need to store confidential data in your office
  • Information on incorporation status and other processes being performed for your entities
  • Faster and more efficient entity incorporation processes
  • Centralization allows you to increase your communication and service responsiveness
  • Ease of implementation
  • Secure access to Amicorp’s portfolio of products

With Amiportal you avoid:

  • Errors arising from incorrect director or bank signatories being used
  • Inefficiencies when responding to compliance requests from financial institutions and regulatory authorities
  • Misunderstandings on the corporate structure, shareholdings and indebtedness
  • Confusion over out of date or different versions of documentation
  • Misplaced copies of director minutes or transactional documentation
  • Lost or destroyed documentation

Overview of key features

Viewing entity information

Amicorp digitizes all the documentation relating to each entity and uploads this to Amiportal. All the documentation is securely provided to whomever you choose, and can be downloaded in PDF file format. Information about all active client companies may be viewed online.

The online information includes:

  • General information: services and staff, contacts, correspondence
  • Legal and corporate information: shares, partners, amendments, participation
  • Treasury: bank accounts, loans
  • Accounting, tax and annual returns
  • Financial information and filings
  • Business documents: all related entity documentation stored in our electronic filing cabinet
  • Prospect entities: with current status in the activation process

Establishing new entities

To establish new entities online, clients complete an online activation form. Entity information and the ongoing progress of the establishment of all new entities are subsequently provided.

Data Security and backup

Amicorp ensures that data security and confidentiality is of the utmost importance and is maintained at all times. Clients have access to only their accounts that are linked through a unique username and password. A replica of the database is saved on a separate server. In the event of a failure, the backup server automatically becomes operational thus ensuring data availability to our users with no loss of data. The uptime of the server and portal is guaranteed at 99.9%. This reliability reduces the probability of misplacing files. Amicorp is ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified, so you can be sure your data is secure.

Legal and administrative support services

We can take on the process of sending invoices, preparing minutes for management meetings, creating financial statements, completing tax returns as well as other peripheral processes.

Amicorp delivers many administrative support services including:

  • Compliance checks: background checks on individuals and entities using renowned compliance databases
  • Preparation of invoices: invoices produced periodically and distributed to each company’s invoice contact person
  • Accounting and preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of tax returns: based on the financial statements provided or prepared we can complete your tax returns
  • Drafting of standard legal documents and agreement if required – minutes of Annual General Meetings, government filing forms, bank opening forms, etc.
  • We can perform audits of your information upon request to ensure FATCA / BEPS compliance

Amiportal implementation

We take you through a four step process when implementing Amiportal:

  • We gather detailed knowledge of the existing database and the information it contains, thus understanding your unique requirements
  • Your data is migrated from your databases to our database. The transfer of knowledge and scanning of documents into the cabinet, where necessary, is performed by Amicorp personnel
  • We thoroughly test the communication and processes, to ensure that the communication lines established are sufficient
  • You “go live” when the testing period has been successfully concluded

Please feel free to contact your nearest Amicorp office to discuss further or simply request our AmiPortal brochure to be emailed to you.

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