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Best of both worlds in Geneva: Carlsson and Vredestein

Best of both worlds in Geneva: Carlsson and Vredestein

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  • Five years of partnership between experts in styling, performance and technology This year marks the fifth anniversary of the cooperation between Vredestein and German premium car styler Carlsson. The fact that the two professionals complement each other in the field of design and technology is illustrated at the Geneva International Motor Show from 5 to 15 March where Vredestein and Carlsson are hosting a joint stand with several major high-profile innovations.
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Special Vredestein Ultrac Vorti for Carlsson C-Class

Carlsson, the styling specialist for Mercedes-Benz and Smart, has developed a special version of the latest C-Class (W 205). It features unique new design elements in its body and interior as well as a higher engine capacity. Vredestein has developed a special version of the Giugiaro-designed Vredestein Ultrac Vorti ultra high performance tyre for this C-Class, focused on driving, steering and braking behaviour in extreme conditions and on both dry and wet surfaces. The front and rear tyres each have a different tread type optimally designed for their own specific tasks. The tyre is also characterised by the unique Carlsson logo on the sidewall. The size of the front tyres is 225/40ZR19, while the rear tyres are 255/35ZR19. The tyres are exclusively available via Carlsson.

Carlsson Super GT C25 on Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R

Carlsson is building only 25 models of the truly sensational Super GT C25, based on the Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG. Carlsson’s model has deviated so far from the original, however, that even connoisseurs have to look twice to recognise the vehicle from which the Super GT C25 was derived. The body with lots of carbon is unique, while the interior combines the same carbon with top-quality hand-stitched leather. With a capacity of over 750 hp, the Carlsson requires the very best tyre technology. This is supplied by Vredestein with the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R in sizes 255/30ZR20 (front) and 305/25ZR20 (rear).

Global premiere: Carlsson Smart Fortwo on Vredestein Sportrac 5

In addition to Mercedes-Benz, Carlsson also works with Smart, for which it recently developed the new Carlsson CK10 Smart based on the new Smart Fortwo. This is immediately recognisable as a true Carlsson thanks to its aerodynamic adjustments, stunning interior in leather and alcantara, and larger wheels in 17 inch. With these features, combined with the front and roof spoiler, the four exhaust outlets and the lowered chassis, the model is a true eye-catcher. The Carlsson CK10 is fitted with the Vredestein Sportrac 5 in sizes 195/40R17 (front) and 215/35R17 (rear).

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