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Capita herlanceert

Capita herlanceert

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  • The newly named Capita Asset Services, a division of Capita plc, is relaunched today, offering an extensive range of financial administration services to UK and international corporates and high net worth individuals.
  • Capita Fiduciary

Capita has consolidated six separate business units, who are each major players in their sectors (shareholder services, fund administration, asset services, treasury services, international financial services and fiduciary services), into a unified proposition that will now all be presented to the market under the single Capita Asset Services name.

As well as the advantages of being backed by Capita plc, Capita Asset Services 2,500 strong team offer a wide range of complementary asset administration services provided by experts in their markets. If a client wishes to secure multiple asset administration services such as the maintenance of its share register or share plan programme; the provision of treasury services and administration of finance raising initiatives, such as retail bonds, or the administration of investment structures in well regulated European jurisdictions through one trusted partner, Capita Asset Services is completely configured to help.

Justin Damer, commercial director at Capita Asset Services said: “A benign growth environment, fierce competition, changes to regulation and growing internationalisation mean corporates and wealthy individuals face some unique challenges. The need for an all-encompassing, asset administration proposition provided by a larger and more qualified team of experts is growing. Self administered asset servicing requires time that could be better spent focused externally delivering growth; and investment in cutting edge technology and professional training that could otherwise be diverted into the development of new products and services.

For some companies, it is no longer sustainable to manage asset administration internally. Capita has therefore built the necessary skills, experience and resource to service these requirements in a high quality and economically viable way.  Asset administration is the third professional service alongside the provision of legal and accounting advice. Good asset administration frees up management to focus more time, energy and investment on growing their business and wealth; thereby assisting boards enhance shareholder value.”

Anthony O’Keeffe, executive director and head of Capita Asset Services said: “Administering assets effectively is complex and business critical for organisations. Companies are used to buying in their legal and accounting needs instead of employing armies of lawyers and accountants and, in the same way they can now buy in complete and professional asset administration services. Capita Asset Services administers over £300bn of clients’ assets to protect those assets and maximise their value. It is also backed by the balance sheet of a FTSE 100 parent company, Capita plc and is independent of legal and accountancy advisers, creating not only stability but an important firewall between advice and administration.”

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