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‘Europa moet de beste immigranten aantrekken’

‘Europa moet de beste immigranten aantrekken’

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  • The EU's migration system must be overhauled to ensure it attracts the best and the brightest migrants while facilitating their integration, according to a report adopted on Thursday 14 March.
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The report pleads in favour of a common approach on social security for people working abroad and calls for an Australia-style point system to entice high-calibre workers to come to Europe. We talked to author Nadja Hirsch, a German member of the ALDE group, about how the new rules can make a difference.

Why is it important to have a common approach on social security? What problems will it help to solve? The most important thing is to ensure that when you retire, you get some money. So we try to ensure that all EU citizens have the right to take their pensions with them, regardless of where they work. Within the EU it is fine, but it is difficult for people who work outside the EU.

The report states qualified migrants are needed in the next 10 years to compensate for our ageing population. What will be the consequences if we don’t? The EU is facing a demographic change. Some enterprises have to work hard to find the qualified people they need. If these positions are not filled, it will affect the EU’s growth.

To attract these people, we will have to compete with other parts of the world. To get the best and the brightest, we proposed a criteria-based entry system, which member states can choose to opt into.
Support for migration is dwindling in many countries, partly because of perceived problems with integration. How will this legislation tackle this issue?

Included in the proposal are pre-departure desks to help migrants with, for example, how to get a flat or book a language course. This way they can already prepare and start to integrate. But the most important thing is that integration really happens at a local level.

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