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Foam: Aankondiging nieuwe publicatie

Foam: Aankondiging nieuwe publicatie

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  • Under Construction - New Positions in American Photography Foam Magazine is very proud to announce its brand new, redesigned identity. A new publication, with the same DNA. Foam Magazine becomes Foam. It is with great pride that we announce the first release of a thoroughly redesigned publication, with a new format and a new approach to the content, that remains the ultimate printed platform for photography.
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Foam Magazine has been in existence for almost twelve years and in that time the familiar and highly successful format has largely remained the same. But photography has changed, as it does continuously, and we felt the need to change with it. Foam will be published three times a year, with a page number per publication that increases to 288.

Our longtime motto has been photography first, and nothing will be modified in that respect: the carefully considered use of different kinds of paper, the high-grade graphic design, the highly readable texts by experts in the field of photography and the always surprising and, we hope, idiosyncratic editorial choices – all of that will remain. The result will be an even more special, timeless publication than it has probably ever been.

On 9 May Foam “Under Construction – New Positions in American Photography” will be released. We present a selection of nine young visual artists for whom the creative process can be as much subject of an image as its final result. The photographic image as such and how we perceive it, is one of the most important focal points in their work. It seems like there are no specific rules, nor boundaries. At a certain point one might even ask if it’s still photography we are looking at. Featured photographers are Lucas Blalock, Jessica Eaton, Matthew Porter, Joshua Citarella, Matt Lipps, Sara VanDerBeek, Daniel Gordon, Kate Steciw, Owen Kydd. The publication hosts outstanding critical contributions from Charlotte Cotton, Joshua Chuang, Kelly Cannon, Lorenzo Durantini and Sara Krajevski, plus a special statement from Lucas Blalock.

Foam “Under Construction – New Positions in American Photography” anticipates a group exhibition that will be hosted in Foam Fotografiemuseum in Amsterdam from September 2014.

Also on the agenda for September 2014: the launch of Foam’s annual Talent Issue during Unseen Photo Fair. The launch will be accompanied by an outdoor exhibition on the fair ground as well as an exhibition at l’Átelier Néerlandais in Paris from September until November 2014.

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