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Henk Bres schrijft wereldleiders aan

Henk Bres schrijft wereldleiders aan

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Columnist, presentator en beroepshagenees Henk Bres is via Facebook en Twitter een actiegroep gestart onder de naam ‘Aktie Bres’. Bres denkt hiermee wereldwijd aandacht te kunnen  vestigen op het feit dat, ondanks zijn eerdere actie, er m.b.t. pedofilie  nog veel wantoestanden bestaan in Nederland. Het uiteindelijke doel is een wetswijziging.

Bres heeft o.a. President Obama, President Poetin, Koningin Elisabeth, President Hollande, Bundespräsident Gauck en President Xi Jinping een brief gestuurd waarin hij hen verzoekt om tijdens handelsmissies druk uit te oefenen op Nederland en de Nederlandse delegatie, alsmede de Nederlandse ambassadeurs te confronteren met het feit dat slachtoffers van pedofilie en pedosexsualiteit in Nederland nog altijd onrecht wordt aangedaan.

Dirk Hartman – ‘Aktie Bres’

Your Excellency,

 With all due respect we would like to inform you personally on the following matter:

For hundreds of years, the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands has trade agreements with many countries all over the world, including your country.

Except being a dependable trading partner, the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands is a country that openly criticizes some of their trading partners, for instance when human rights are at stake.

However, the question rises if the Netherlands themselves are quite that innocent.

The undersigned of this letter both think it is big shame for a civilized country to allow pedophiles and pedosexuals openly organizing themselves. Despite the fact that Dutch newspapers almost weekly write articles about lawsuits against pedosexuals, owners of child pornography, etcetera, it is still legal in the Netherlands to build an association or an internet platform to glorify sexual abuse against innocent children.

We are two Dutch civilians who have decided to take action by informing all important Heads of State in the world on this injustice. We truly hope that you and your government are able to put some pressure on things in the near future, while trading with the Netherlands.

Two years ago we both handed a petition, containing 76.000 signatures of sympathizers, to the Dutch Parliament in order to achieve a ban on a specific organization of pedophiles. Unfortunately this was not enough. Our aim is a final change of law in our country, so this injustice against innocent children will come to an end.

Yours sincerely,

Over Dirk Hartman van Beauluna

Noble titles: Duke of Merania Count of Waldeck Castle Count of Mainberg Baron of Beauluna Lord of Jura Isle Heraldic title: Grand Knight Commander of the Sealed Order of the Bohemian Cross (GKC)

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