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Amicorp sponsort 68ste International Fiscal Association Congress


The Congress is one of the largest gatherings of tax practitioners from the legal and accounting professions, corporate tax executives of multinational corporations, academics from major universities and government officials from around the world. The technical program for the 68th Congress will include discussion and debate on some of the most important international tax issues facing corporate and individual taxpayers today, including: Cross-border outsourcing – issues, strategies and solutions Qualification of taxable entities and t... Lees Meer »

Amicorp: Entiteiten en structuren van uw klanten in het hedendaagse tijdperk van Global Tax Transparency, wanneer vertrouwelijkheid is over


Today, new global regulations similar to FATCA are rapidly being finalized by the OECD and G20. The OECD has established the Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters – which comprise the Competent Authority Agreement (CAA) and the Common Reporting Standards (CRS, or the Standards). The Standards were published in July of this year and are currently being finalized for global implementation. Once the Standard has been approved, countries will start to negotiate and conclude bilateral agreements thereby impl... Lees Meer »

Amicorp: Investment Portfolio Administration Services


Service Advantages Amicorp has the systems, processes and experienced staff to consolidate clients’ investment portfolios. The advantages of using Amicorp BPO’s Investment Portfolio Administration Services are: It enables portfolio analyses at a consolidated level along with graphical representations (meeting Global Investment Performance Standards). An online portal and single view reports (both standard and customized if required) give full insight into the historical and actual value of the portfolios (based on different data fee... Lees Meer »

Amicorp Private Office Services


Amicorp services thousands of high net worth individuals and families, directly and indirectly through Private Offices. Particularly in emerging markets, businesses are often privately owned and while such businesses grow, the need for Private Offices and related services is also growing. Amicorp is well positioned to deliver such services and presents an overall value proposition for private offices. Structuring, Administration & Governance Amicorp establishes, manages and administers different types of trusts and entities in jurisdi... Lees Meer »

Amicorp: PR China en de VS besloten om Intergouvernementeel Akkoord te ondertekenen


The US Government concluded this agreements with many partner countries to effectively implement their 2010 US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in their local jurisdictions. FATCA is a US law that requires financial institutions around the world to provide information on US taxpayers to the US government. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) became effective on Tuesday, July 1st, 2014. FATCA requires the Foreign Financial Institutions (FFI’s) to enter into an agreement with the IRS to report information of their client... Lees Meer »

Amiportal: centraliseren en beveiligen van uw gegevens


We encounter companies and family offices storing records in multiple locations and in a variety of forms. For example, corporate secretarial registers are held by the legal functions; financial statements and tax filings with the finance and tax functions; and correspondence with government authorities could be stored in a warehouse. Amiportal is designed to address your requirements for managing and archiving documents which form the basis of your legal, finance, treasury and tax arrangements. Amicorp provides our corporate clients, family of... Lees Meer »

Amicorp: Aircraft Registration in Mauritius


The application for aircraft registration, financing, leasing, mortgaging needs to be done through the Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) while matters relating to technical verification, aviation security, safety issues and flight crew is the authority of the Civil Aviation Department (“CAD”). Amicorp can assist with the registration of your aircraft in Mauritius – including private jets and helicopters. We will deal directly on your behalf with both the FSC and the CAD. Benefits of the Mauritius International Aircraft Registry Ta... Lees Meer »

Amicorp: Focus op Business Transfer Services


However, in addition to these services, Amicorp also provides Business Transfer Services. We help current business owners successfully plan and execute a transfer of, or exit from, their business or business assets by finding new owners – whether successors, MBI/MBO, buyers or investors. We also help future owners by finding the appropriate company, business or assets for them. At any given time, there are many companies and businesses up for sale. Reasons for selling range from the owner approaching retirement to lack of capital. If ther... Lees Meer »

Amicorp Trustees India: Het creëren van meer bewustzijn voor trusts in India


When deciding on a trustee for a trust, the vast majority of the clients think or come with the understanding that they should appoint a close friend or a relative, which in most cases is not the best thing to do. Most of your close friends are probably in the same age group, and may not be in the best of health when needed most. When it comes to family members as trustees, they could be biased towards one beneficiary over the others. It is very important to choose the right trustee with the adequate skill-sets in managing the trust in an appro... Lees Meer »

Amicorp: Trends voor wereldwijde automatische uitwisseling van informatie – Update over G20/OECD plannen, FATCA en intergouvernementele overeenkomsten


de G20/OECD inzet voor een wereldwijd systeem van automatische uitwisseling van informatie. de Amerikaanse Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA); de intergouvernementele overeenkomsten ("intergouvernementele overeenkomsten") door de VS ondertekend met de partnerlanden; Vanwege de verschillende ontwikkelingen, kunnen particulieren en bedrijven niet langer vertrouwen op vertrouwelijkheid en hebben een goede en tijdige openbaarmaking van informatie aan autoriteiten in het kader van de geldende voorschriften te verzekeren en ervoor moet... Lees Meer »

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