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OECD: Klimaatverandering en Steden


A week before world leaders gather at the UN Climate Summit in New York, the United Nations Special Envoy for Cities and Climate change, Michael R. Bloomberg, will take part in a public discussion with OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría on how cities can be empowered to take the lead in combatting climate change. Cities are a crucial part of efforts to slow climate change as they produce over two thirds of the world’s CO2 emissions and the share of the global population living in them is set to rise to 70% by 2050 from over 50% today. Th... Lees Meer »

Letland wordt lid van OECD Anti-Bribery Convention


“Joining the Convention will enable Latvia to play a more active role in global efforts to tackle bribery and corruption,” said OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría. “It also marks an important step in strengthening Latvia’s ties with the OECD in the current accession process to our Organisation.” The OECD invited Latvia to join the OECD Working Group on Bribery in September 2013 and to take the necessary steps to become a Party to the Convention. This follows the opening of talks in May 2013 for Latvia to become an OECD member. Latvia wil... Lees Meer »

OECD Economic Survey van Rusland lanceert in Moskou tijdens de Gaidar Forum op woensdag 15 januari 2014


The Surveyanalyses the growth outlook and risks facing the Russian economy and proposes reforms to improve the business climate, strengthen competition, remove transport bottlenecks and boost productivity through education, labour market and innovation policies. The Survey will be available to registered journalists on the OECD's password-protected website. Embargo time to be confirmed. An Overview with the main conclusions will be freely accessible in pdf format on the OECD’s web site at www.oecd.org/eco/surveys/russian-federation-2014.h... Lees Meer »

OESO-rapport meet de menselijke kosten van de crisis; onderstreept noodzaak investeren in welzijn


How’s Life? finds that subjective well-being deteriorated in countries most affected by the crisis. Between 2007 and 2012, reported average life satisfaction declined by more than 20% in Greece, 12% in Spain, and 10% in Italy. However, moderate increases were recorded in Germany, Israel, Russia, Mexico and Sweden. The report also finds that citizens in the hardest-hit euro area countries have lost trust in their governments and institutions. The percentage of people in these countries claiming to trust national government fell by 10 percenta... Lees Meer »

OESO stelt roadmap voor het lidmaatschap van Letland


OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría said: “Launching talks with Latvia underlines the Organisation’s commitment to broaden its reach and its position as a global standard setter. Our joint objective is to work together to bring Latvia’s policies closer to OECD best practices.” The first step in the process will see Latvia submit an Initial Memorandum setting out its position on some 250 OECD legal instruments (see www.oecd.org/acts). This will in turn lead to a series of technical reviews by OECD experts, who will collect further information... Lees Meer »

Zwitserland ondertekent Multilateraal Verdrag inzake wederzijdse administratieve bijstand in belastingzaken


OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria welcomed Switzerland’s adherence to the Convention, which he said “sends a clear and strong signal that Switzerland is part of the community of states which consider international tax co-operation as a necessity. This signature is an important step for Switzerland to resolve the issues identified in its Peer Review by the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information on June 2011.” Switzerland’s Ambassador to the OECD Stefan Flückiger said: “Switzerland has been committed to complying with inter... Lees Meer »

Lezing over Klimaatverandering door OESO-secretaris-generaal Angel Gurría in Londen op woensdag 9 oktober


Mr Gurría will specifically discuss how consistent carbon price signals can help reduce fossil fuel dependence, encourage renewables and energy efficiency, foster the deployment of carbon capture and storage technologies and influence the flow of future investments in the energy sector. The event will be introduced and chaired by Professor Nicolas Stern, Chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at LSE. The event is co-hosted by Norton Rose Fulbright and Climate Change Capital, and is open to the media, a... Lees Meer »

Ierse herstel gang, maar meer inclusieve groei en werkgelegenheid nodig, zegt de OESO


Dit zijn de belangrijkste conclusies van het meest recente Economic Survey van Ierland en een nieuw rapport: Local Job Creation: Hoe Employment and Training Agencies kan helpen. Zowel identificeren werkgelegenheid en sociale inclusie als essentieel voor aanhoudende opleving van Ierland uit de crisis, de vooruitzichten van de groei en het welzijn van de Ieren. De Economic Survey, die in Dublin door de OESO-secretaris-generaal Angel Gurría en Ierse Tánaiste (vicepremier) en minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Eamon Gilmore, wijst op een voortduren... Lees Meer »

OECD Economic Survey of Ireland lanceert donderdag 12 september 2013


De enquête zal beschikbaar zijn voor geregistreerde journalisten op de OESO zijn website met wachtwoordbeveiliging om 10:00 uur lokale tijd (11:00 Parijs Tijd) voor onmiddellijke vrijlating. Een overzicht met de belangrijkste conclusies zal vrij toegankelijk zijn in pdf-formaat op de website van de OESO in zijn www.oecd.org/eco/surveys/ireland-2013.htm. U bent uitgenodigd om deze internetlink opnemen in rapporten over de enquête. OESO-secretaris-generaal Angel Gurría zal het rapport te presenteren Ierse Tanaiste (vicepremier) en minister van... Lees Meer »

China aan multilaterale belastingverdrag ondertekenen – hoofdkantoor van de OESO, Parijs 10:00, dinsdag 27 augustus


Door de Conventie, zal China deelnemen aan de mondiale inspanningen om belastingontwijking en-ontduiking te bestrijden door samen te werken met andere staten in de vaststelling en inning van belastingen. Naar aanleiding van de ondertekening om 10.00 uur op dinsdag 27 augustus, OESO-secretaris-generaal Angel Gurría en de Chinese Tax commissaris, WANG juni, zal een korte persconferentie. ... Lees Meer »

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