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Uitspraak Hof: claim asielzoeker altijd onderzoeken in land waar veiligheid asielzoeker niet in geding is


Conversely, it is not, in principle, required itself to examine the application. The ‘Dublin II’ Regulation sets out the criteria for determining the Member State competent to examine an application for asylum lodged in the EU - a single Member State being, in principle, competent. Where an asylum seeker has lodged his application in a Member State which is not the one the Regulation indicates is competent, the Regulation provides for a procedure for the transfer of the asylum seeker to the competent Member State. However, in such a situation, ... Lees Meer »

Asielzoekers in EU: Russen spannen de kroon


Next on the list in terms of numbers were Afghans (5,880), Pakistanis (4,310) and Somalians (3,430). In comparison to the same period last year, the biggest increase in numbers was represented by Syrians - 6,000 more than between January and March 2012 - and Russians, with 4000 more. The biggest relative increase between the two years were for Malians seeking asylum. This year saw a 400 percent increase in refugees from the Africa country, which has been threatened by Jihadist fighters and saw French military intervention in Spring. Swede... Lees Meer »

Meer asielaanvragen EU


The EU statistics office, Eurostat, said on Friday (22 March) the EU registered 330,000 asylum seekers in 2012, up from 302,000 applicants in 2011. Syrian nationals are now the second most common asylum seeker in Europe, with the war pushing over 1 million refugees into neighbouring countries. Afghans remain the top asylum applicants in the EU followed closely by Syrians, Russians, Pakistanis and Serbs. The United Nations agency for refugees (UNHCR) says nearly 22,000 Syrians applied for asylum in Europe last year. Last week, Germany announc... Lees Meer »

Gemeenschappelijk Europees asielbeleid: Raad neemt Eurodac regelgeving aan


Today the Council adopted the last piece of legislation needed to complete the Common European Asylum System (CEAS), namely the amended Eurodac regulation (PE-CON).Eurodac is primarily a biometric database for comparing fingerprints, which helps EU member states to verify whether an asylum applicant has previously claimed asylum in another EU State or whether an asylum applicant has been previously apprehended when entering EU territory unlawfully. It aims to make it easier for EU States to determine responsibility for examining an asylum ap... Lees Meer »

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