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OESO: G20 ziet hiaten in de werkgelegenheid en de kwaliteit van de banen


Despite some recent improvement, slow recovery from the financial crisis means that many G20 economies still face a substantial jobs gap, which will persist until at least 2018 unless growth gains momentum. With more than 100 million people still unemployed in the G20 economies and 447 million 'working poor' living on less than $2 a day in emerging G20 economies, the weak labour market performance is also threatening economic recovery because it is constraining both consumption and investment. Key findings of the report include: Wage gro... Lees Meer »

Werkgelegenheid kwesties bovenaan de agenda tijdens OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development – 24-25 april in Stockholm, Zweden


Locally-run employment and training organisations have an important role to play, particularly by aligning services with local conditions as well as with broader local economic development strategies. Discussion of countries’experience boosting local development and job creation will top the agenda during the 10th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development, which takes place 24-25 April in Stockholm, Sweden. The Forum will bring more than 300 specialists on employment, education, economic development and incl... Lees Meer »

Opinie Clingendael: Immigratiehervormingen VS voorbeeld voor EU


Facing similar challenges, the US has recently moved to reform its immigration policies, thus allowing greater numbers of migrants to encourage growth. Sarah Wolff argues for similar reforms for European immigration policies, which until now, have been focused on the promotion of intra-European immigration, whilst securing the EU’s external borders and organising the return of irregular migrants. ‘Now is the time’ hammered out President Obama in his January speech on immigration reform. Time has come to act upon migration as a golden opportu... Lees Meer »

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