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Ex-president Frankrijk: Na Polen geen nieuwe eurolanden


The 87-year-old politician, who also helped draft the EU's defunct constitution, later reborn as the Lisbon Treaty, spoke out in an interview with the Polish edition of Newsweek magazine published on Monday (25 March). He said: "I think the process of accepting new countries to the eurozone should be frozen. We cannot afford another comedy like the one we have today with Cyprus, which was accepted into the euro-area unnecessarily. But there is an exception to this rule - and that is Poland. You support further European integration and you have ... Lees Meer »

Geëmigreerde kinderen hebben minder kans op goed onderwijs


Dit leidt tot slechtere prestaties en een grotere kans op voortijdige schooluitval. Volgens de studie zouden de lidstaten moeten zorgen voor gerichte onderwijsondersteuning voor migrantenkinderen, zoals gespecialiseerde leerkrachten en systematische betrokkenheid van ouders en gemeenschappen om de integratie van deze kinderen te verbeteren. Voor de studie is gekeken naar het nationale ondersteuningsbeleid voor kinderen van pas aangekomen migranten in 15 landen waar onlangs een aanzienlijke instroom van immigranten heeft plaatsgevonden: Belgi... Lees Meer »

Meer asielaanvragen EU


The EU statistics office, Eurostat, said on Friday (22 March) the EU registered 330,000 asylum seekers in 2012, up from 302,000 applicants in 2011. Syrian nationals are now the second most common asylum seeker in Europe, with the war pushing over 1 million refugees into neighbouring countries. Afghans remain the top asylum applicants in the EU followed closely by Syrians, Russians, Pakistanis and Serbs. The United Nations agency for refugees (UNHCR) says nearly 22,000 Syrians applied for asylum in Europe last year. Last week, Germany announc... Lees Meer »

Hoe kan de EU aantrekkelijker worden voor studenten en onderzoekers


Moving to Europe temporarily is an opportunity embraced by over 200.000 students and researchers from outside the EU every year. However, far too many of them have to face unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. Current rules for obtaining a student visa or a residence permit are often complex and unclear; procedures can be lengthy and vary considerably across Member States and moving from one Member State to another can be very difficult or even impossible. This hampers the possibility to provide EU countries with a greater pool of talent and ... Lees Meer »

EP stemt in met nieuwe autoriteit voor voogdij over kinderen van ex-partners van buiten EU


This international convention covers many practical matters, such as language requirements, standardised forms and the exchange of information on national laws. We discussed it with Antonio López-Istúriz White, the MEP in charge.The Hague Convention was negotiated by the EU and a number of other countries including the US to make it easier to recover maintenance from someone living in another country. Mr López-Istúriz White, a Spanish member of the EPP group, was in charge of steering the latest amendments through Parliament. The EP vote all... Lees Meer »

Nederlands onderzoek: criminelen profiteren van vrijheid van reizen in EU


Under the rules of the so-called Schengen Area, which covers all EU countries except Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the UK, people still have to carry some form of ID and national police can still do spot-checks, so long as the European Commission does not think they amount to systematic border control. For their part, Dutch police regularly go on buses or trains crossing the Belgian and German borders to demand papers, in a practice which surprises some travellers who thought they were in a borderless zone. From last August, Dutch p... Lees Meer »

‘Europa moet de beste immigranten aantrekken’


The report pleads in favour of a common approach on social security for people working abroad and calls for an Australia-style point system to entice high-calibre workers to come to Europe. We talked to author Nadja Hirsch, a German member of the ALDE group, about how the new rules can make a difference. Why is it important to have a common approach on social security? What problems will it help to solve? The most important thing is to ensure that when you retire, you get some money. So we try to ensure that all EU citizens have the right to... Lees Meer »

Duitsland wil vrij reizen in EU voor Russische diplomaten


"I can confirm that the minister of interior and the foreign minister jointly wrote a letter asking for EU visa liberalisation for Russian service passport holders," Martin Schefer, spokesman of the German foreign ministry said Wednesday (6 March) in a press conference. A meeting of EU ambassadors in Brussels was set to look at the matter later on Wednesday afternoon. Russia has been lobbying EU countries since 2011 about this first step towards complete visa-freedom: that government officials having so-called service passports are granted E... Lees Meer »

Bulgaren en Roemenen mogen nog niet vrij reizen in EU


“I think it is clear that there will not be a vote or a decision at tomorrow’s council meeting,” said a EU presidency source on Wednesday. Both countries fulfilled the technical requirements in 2011 to allow their citizens to join the 22 other passport free EU countries as well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The European Parliament adopted a resolution in June 2011 stating that Bulgaria and Romania are ready to join. The resolution urged member states to enlarge the Schengen area based solely on the technical merits. A un... Lees Meer »

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