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European Commission: First three Rural Development Programmes get green light


Operating at either national or regional level, the 118 multi-annual programmes are backed by EUR 95.6 billion of total EU funding over the period 2014-2020 through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and will draw in additional national, regional and private finance. In addition to today’s programmes – the national RDPs for Denmark, Poland and Austria – a further 6 programme [1] will be adopted before the end of the year, meaning that programmes worth more than 20 billion EURO will have been cleared. Agriculture and... Lees Meer »

Better entry and living conditions for non-EU students and researchers


The EU spends 0.8% less of its GDP on R&D than the US and 1.5% less than Japan, prompting many of the world’s best researchers and innovators to go there instead, says the European Commission. This update of EU rules, backed by 578 votes to 79 with 21 abstentions, would create better conditions to make the EU more attractive to third-country nationals seeking opportunities to do research, study, take part in a student exchange, or do paid or unpaid training, voluntary service or au pairing. "Other countries in the world are doing a be... Lees Meer »

Veel illegale immigranten kunnen EU niet verlaten


Some attempt to go home but are apprehended at the borders and sent back to the member state where they are made homeless because they do not legally exist on paper. “My life is catastrophic,” 29-year old Hagop, who arrived in Belgium with his mother and sister from Turkey as a small child, told this website by phone. An ethnic Armenian, Hagop, who does not want to reveal his last name, says Turkey refuses to recognise his existence. Belgium does not recognise him either. Caught between the two, he says he’s been denied higher education, ... Lees Meer »

EP-commissie Werkgelegenheid wil werken in andere lidstaat vergemakkelijken


"The right of EU citizens to work in another member state is laid down in the Treaty and EU legislation. However discrimination based on nationality still remains. This legislation aims at clarifying, facilitating and better applying the rights under existing EU legislation but does not create new ones and does not impose new obligations on member states. The well-functioning single market should include an obstacle-free and smooth free movement of workers," Edit Bauer (EPP, SK)said the rapporteur, Edit Bauer (EPP, SK). According to European... Lees Meer »

COREP bereikt overeenkomst over voorzieningen asiel- en migratiefonds


The agreement on the remaining provisions of the so-called “Horizontal Regulation”, proposed by the European Commission in November 2011, will complete the General approach reached by the Council and allow the Lithuanian Presidency to advance in the negotiations with the European Parliament with the view to reaching the agreement on Home Affairs financial regulations as soon as possible. “These are very important financing programs. We have now paved way for the final adoption of the Regulation which is very important as it sets out the rule... Lees Meer »

EP-commissie wil EU aantrekkelijker maken voor buitenlandse studenten en onderzoekers


According to the European Commission, each year Europe spends 0.8% of GDP less than the US and 1.5% less than Japan on Research and Development (R&D). Many of the best researchers and innovators are moving to countries where they get better conditions. This update of current EU rules would introduce fairer conditions and make the EU more attractive to third-country nationals seeking opportunities to do research, study, take part in a student exchange, or do paid or unpaid training, voluntary service or au pairing. "This vote shows that P... Lees Meer »

Vereenvoudigen visa aanvragen voor korte termijn verblijf in Europa


Europe is already the world’s No 1 tourist destination. But in an effort to tap into emerging markets and ensure the continued growth of tourism-related industries, the European Commission is spearheading reforms to make it even easier for international tourists to visit the EU. Known around the globe for its wealth of natural, cultural and artistic heritage, Europe has long been the world’s top tourist destination. But in order to fully capitalise on its international reputation, the EU’s tourism sector needs to target fast-growing and emer... Lees Meer »

Europarlementaries: opschorting verdrag ter controle van bankgegevens met Amerika


"We cannot continue loyal co-operation in data exchange with US Authorities with this NSA dark cloud hanging over our heads,” said Belgian Liberal MEP Guy Verhofstadt in an emailed statement on Monday (9 September). Verhofstadt, along with Dutch liberal MEP Sophie in t'Veld and German Green MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht, wants the European Commission to suspend the TFTP agreement pending clarifications into the snooping revelation first made by Globo TV, a Brazilian television network. "If it is to be consistent, the European Parliament must a... Lees Meer »

Cypriotische economische hervormingen op koers


Het Internationaal Monetair Fonds, de Europese Commissie en de Europese Centrale Bank (Trojka) heeft gemeld dat Cyprus op weg is om het geschetste kader van de € 23 miljard bailout maart eisen voldoen. Delia Velculescu, een ambtenaar van het wereldwijde monetaire lichaam, zei autoriteiten van het land hebben een "ambitieuze agenda" geschetst, zodat het kan vasthouden aan voorwaarden van de overeenkomst, hoewel ze gewaarschuwd was er nog steeds risico's vertroebelt de vooruitzichten. "Onze algemene beoordeling is dat Cyprus het programma ligt... Lees Meer »

Eurocommissaris Barnier presenteert nieuwe regels voor betaaldiensten in het voordeel van consumenten en winkeliers


A new payment Services Directive ("PSD2") A proposal for regulation on interchange fees for card-based payment transactions Internal Market and Services Commissioner Michel Barnier said: "Today, the payment market in the EU is fragmented and expensive with a cost of more than 1% of EU GDP or €130 billion a year. These are costs our economy cannot afford. Our proposal will promote the digital single market by making internet payments cheaper and safer, both for retailers and consumers. And the proposed changes to interchange fees will remov... Lees Meer »

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