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Ex-president Frankrijk: Na Polen geen nieuwe eurolanden


The 87-year-old politician, who also helped draft the EU's defunct constitution, later reborn as the Lisbon Treaty, spoke out in an interview with the Polish edition of Newsweek magazine published on Monday (25 March). He said: "I think the process of accepting new countries to the eurozone should be frozen. We cannot afford another comedy like the one we have today with Cyprus, which was accepted into the euro-area unnecessarily. But there is an exception to this rule - and that is Poland. You support further European integration and you have ... Lees Meer »

‘Europa moet de beste immigranten aantrekken’


The report pleads in favour of a common approach on social security for people working abroad and calls for an Australia-style point system to entice high-calibre workers to come to Europe. We talked to author Nadja Hirsch, a German member of the ALDE group, about how the new rules can make a difference. Why is it important to have a common approach on social security? What problems will it help to solve? The most important thing is to ensure that when you retire, you get some money. So we try to ensure that all EU citizens have the right to... Lees Meer »

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