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Betere beroepsopleiding zou vaardigheden en werkgelegenheid stimuleren, zegt OESO


Professional education and training* qualifications Percentage of adults aged 20-45 who have short-cycle postsecondary vocational education and training as their highest qualification Skills Beyond School: Synthesis Report says that most basic vocational courses cannot teach the higher level skills needed in an increasing number of jobs in fast-growing sectors, such as healthcare technicians and junior managers. In the United States, for example, it is estimated that one third of all vacancies by 2018 will call for some post-secondary ... Lees Meer »

TMF: Kazachstan verzacht eisen Arbeidsrecht voor Expo 2017


It seems Kazakhstan’s supply of local skilled labour won’t be enough to feed the Expo 2017 beast: the country’s foreign workforce quotas are getting an overhaul as the country prepares to host the next International Exposition in Astana. The amendments simplify procedures to bring in foreign experts that have the necessary experience in designing and constructing world-class facilities using the advanced energy-saving technologies expected of this Expo host. Expo 2017 will focus on the theme "Future Energy", looking at both the future of ... Lees Meer »

Arbeidsmarkthervormingen van Spanje op het goede spoor, maar meer hulp nodig voor jonge werkzoekenden, zegt OESO


The OECD Review of the 2012 Labour Market Reform in Spain says that, despite the still difficult economic environment, more firms have been hiring workers on permanent contracts since the law was passed. However, more needs to be done to reduce the unemployment rate that stood at 26.7% in October. Fighting unemployment proves particularly difficult because world economic growth and trade are below expectations. Job creation and ensuring that those without a job are not left behind should be the top priority of the Government in the coming mo... Lees Meer »

OECD Economic Survey van Rusland lanceert in Moskou tijdens de Gaidar Forum op woensdag 15 januari 2014


The Surveyanalyses the growth outlook and risks facing the Russian economy and proposes reforms to improve the business climate, strengthen competition, remove transport bottlenecks and boost productivity through education, labour market and innovation policies. The Survey will be available to registered journalists on the OECD's password-protected website. Embargo time to be confirmed. An Overview with the main conclusions will be freely accessible in pdf format on the OECD’s web site at www.oecd.org/eco/surveys/russian-federation-2014.h... Lees Meer »

OECD: Brazilië moet de inspanningen om onderwijs te verbeteren voortzetten en de jongeren de kans op een baan bieden


“Investing in Youth: Brazil”, analyses the youth labour market and education system in Brazil. It highlights innovative measures that Brazil has taken to strengthen the skills of youth and their job prospects, and offers recommendations to improve school‑to‑work transitions. Launching the report in Brasília with Labour and Employment Minister Manoel Dias, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría said: “Brazil’s investment in education over the years and continued efforts to strengthen the labour market and encourage formalisation are bearing frui... Lees Meer »

Nederland waarschuwt voor ‘code oranje’ bij arbeidsmigratie


"In the Netherlands, a 'Code Orange' is issued as the water in the rivers reach an alarmingly high level. It is now time for a similar alarm, namely about the sometimes negative consequences of the free movement of persons within the EU," Asscher wrote in an op-ed for De Volkskrant newspaper on Saturday (17 August). Labour migration from Romania and Bulgaria has become a hot topic in Britain, Netherlands and Germany before the last remaining labour market restrictions will be lifted on 1 January. Co-signed with David Goodhart, a British c... Lees Meer »

Opinie Clingendael: Immigratiehervormingen VS voorbeeld voor EU


Facing similar challenges, the US has recently moved to reform its immigration policies, thus allowing greater numbers of migrants to encourage growth. Sarah Wolff argues for similar reforms for European immigration policies, which until now, have been focused on the promotion of intra-European immigration, whilst securing the EU’s external borders and organising the return of irregular migrants. ‘Now is the time’ hammered out President Obama in his January speech on immigration reform. Time has come to act upon migration as a golden opportu... Lees Meer »

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