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Vadim BlauStein: The Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive and the Beneficial Ownership Register


As this directive directly relates to the areas of financial, corporate and trust services, we ask Vadim Blaustein, CEO of BlauStein Lawyers, to provide comments on this topic. Mr. Blaustein, your company has its headquarters in the Netherlands. Could you say that many things have changed in your business area after the 4th AML Directive came to force? Vadim Blaustein: The impact of the new Directive is not that big. In fact, the Netherlands were traditionally in the front lines of the fight against money laundering and had quite an exte... Lees Meer »

Nieuwe werknemer aandeelhouder status in het Verenigd Koninkrijk met ingang van 1 september 2013


The status of employee shareholder comes with large tax benefits: the first £2,000 worth of employee shares will not be liable to either income tax or national insurance there is a capital gains tax exemption of up to £50,000 on the first disposal of shares acquired via the employee shareholder regulations. The status of employee shareholder can be attributed to both new employees and to existing employees who agree to alter their status. Employee shares acquired can be either in relation to the employing company or its parent compa... Lees Meer »

Na de uitspraak van het hooggerechtshof wat nu voor QROPS?


Mr Justice Charles was "minded to allow a withdrawal", but only after HMRC had provided him with evidence as to how they would improve the management of QROPS, and how they would impart this information to the public at large. On 12th July 2013, HMRC presented to the Court their "Written Post Hearing Submission" which they have requested be kept private pending a second report to the Court at the end of July, and a ‘hearing’ at which these submissions can be discussed with Mr Justice Charles. Only if the Judge is satisfied as to the improvem... Lees Meer »

EU dichter bij opnieuw opleggen visaverplichting voor burgers uit de westelijke Balkan


“The [European] commission is free to decide whether or not the visa will become suspended, the key point is that this is not something that is compulsory for the commission,” Spanish conservative MEP Agustin Diaz de Mera, the parliament's point man in the talks, said on Monday (8 July). Short-stay visa requirements for the EU were recently lifted for five Balkan states, but an upsurge of reportedly unfounded asylum demands from the region prompted member states last year to pressure the European Commission to tackle the problem. Macedonia, ... Lees Meer »

‘Europa moet de beste immigranten aantrekken’


The report pleads in favour of a common approach on social security for people working abroad and calls for an Australia-style point system to entice high-calibre workers to come to Europe. We talked to author Nadja Hirsch, a German member of the ALDE group, about how the new rules can make a difference. Why is it important to have a common approach on social security? What problems will it help to solve? The most important thing is to ensure that when you retire, you get some money. So we try to ensure that all EU citizens have the right to... Lees Meer »

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