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Vadim BlauStein: The Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive and the Beneficial Ownership Register


As this directive directly relates to the areas of financial, corporate and trust services, we ask Vadim Blaustein, CEO of BlauStein Lawyers, to provide comments on this topic. Mr. Blaustein, your company has its headquarters in the Netherlands. Could you say that many things have changed in your business area after the 4th AML Directive came to force? Vadim Blaustein: The impact of the new Directive is not that big. In fact, the Netherlands were traditionally in the front lines of the fight against money laundering and had quite an exte... Lees Meer »

BlauStein krijgt een vergunning om op te treden als een Registered Agent in Belize


IBC's zijn verplicht in Belize een Registered Agent te hebben onder de International Business Company Act 1990. Hierdoor is de vergunning zeer belangrijk voor BlauStein Limited om ervoor te zorgen dat alle zaken geregeld kunnen worden die van belang zijn voor de oprichting en het bestaan van de rechtsvormen. Daarnaast is een Registered Agent ook belangrijk om ervoor te zorgen dat de onderneming aan alle wet- en regelgeving van Belize voldoet. Het verkrijgen van de betreffende vergunning geeft ook mogelijkheden voor BlauStein om zich verder uit ... Lees Meer »

Blaustein tv-spot op de Russische Channel 1


The new TV advertising campaign showcases the world map with all the corporate offices of BlauStein and highlights some of the core services, including family offices, trusts, holdings, corporate and tax services. The television commercial aims to reach successful entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals, as well as strengthen the brand loyalty among the existing clients. The promotional advert is the culmination part of the BlauStein’s rebranding programme that took part in year 2013 and was aimed at boosting brand recognition and build... Lees Meer »

BlauStein verwerft een nieuwe lidmaatschap status van “Vereniging van Trustkantooren”


TACT is committed to fostering high standards of corporate trustee services and establishing links with other professional associations in related fields. The main purpose of TACT is to represent the interests of its members, among which are the leading corporate trustees operating in the U.K. Additionally, TACT provides professional assistance on matters of mutual interest in the field of law, taxation, regulation, investment and other related  services. BlauStein Business Lawyers always aims to deliver the best possible solutions and compe... Lees Meer »

BlauStein is een lid van “International Compliance Association” geworden


ICA is a leading worldwide provider of certified qualifications and training in compliance, anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention. It ensures and promotes the access of its members to best practices in the field through education, dialogue and information exchange. ICA’s goals include, but are not limited to: Increasing the awareness of the members with regards to the benefits of best compliance, anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention practice. Enhance knowledge and experience in the fields of compliance, a... Lees Meer »

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