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TMF Group: 8 op de 10 Amerikaanse bedrijven kijken naar Azië en Europa om de verkoop uit te breiden


According to a new study conducted by IDC and commissioned by TMF Group, a leading global provider of high-value business services, nearly half of the companies questioned (48%) were looking to grow internationally in the next two years – primarily to Asia Pacific (42%) and Europe (36%). Eight out of ten respondents (82%) cited increasing sales as among their reasons for international expansion, followed at some distance by establishing a shared service center for back office functions (25%). The most popular territories under considerati... Lees Meer »

TMF Group en Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi kondigen aan zakelijke tie-up overeenkomst te sluiten


As a leading provider of outsourced business services present in more than 75 countries, TMF Group’s agreement with the Bank will enable it to offer additional services to its clients who want to optimise their back office operations. Based on this agreement and by introducing TMF Group’s services, BTMU intends to respond to its clients’ needs and support them in the resolution of their management issues. BTMU has been active for more than 50 years in the Netherlands and is highly experienced in providing management support to a wide variety... Lees Meer »

TMF Group helpt bedrijven QuickStart


Under the QuickStart brand, TMF Group has launched two service packages aimed at firms either looking to expand into a new market for the first time, called QuickStart to Market Entry, and those seeking to refine their international operations, called QuickStart to Simplicity. The QuickStart service packages will allow TMF Group’s clients to benefit from: Financial, legal and HR and payroll services provided by over 4,500 experts in more than 75 countries, including: Organising a firm’s legal set-up and structuring Finding an addres... Lees Meer »

TMF Group neemt de resterende 49% van Custom House Global Fund Services


TMF Group Fund Administration Services has built a solid reputation through its offices in Rotterdam, Sydney, Geneva, Sofia and Malta. This acquisition allows TMF Group to further expand its business into the growing alternative investment sector (including Private Equity and Real Estate Investment Services) and offer the industry the choice of a non-conflicted, independent and global partner for fund administration services and solutions across the middle and back office. TMF Group CEO Hugo van Vredenburch commented: “This is a unique and s... Lees Meer »

TMF Group: Top vijf voorspellingen voor 2014


The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are forecasting steady global economic growth at 3.6% - the general picture is good but what about the nitty gritty? We’ve pulled together our top five predictions for this year based on the insights of our local experts. #1: Jochum Haakma, Global Executive Director Business Development: As China transforms from the world’s factory into a more knowledge-based and service oriented economy, with a fast developing and more critical cons... Lees Meer »

TMF Group: Inwerkingtreding wereldwijde belangrijke BTW-wijzigingen


Azores (Portugal), 1 January The standard VAT rate was raised from 16% to 18%. Corsica (France), 1 January The standard VAT rate was raised from 8% to 10%. Croatia, 1 January The reduced VAT rate rose from 10% to 13%. Cyprus, 13 January The standard VAT rate to rise from 18% to 19%; this is part of a two stage increase from 17% following the severe financial crisis in Cyprus. The reduced VAT rate is also rising from 8% to 9%. France, 1 January The standard VAT rate increased from 19.6% to 20%. The reduced VAT rate of 7% rose to... Lees Meer »

TMF: Duitse regeerakkoord verhoogt vooruitzicht van strengere FTT


Far from seeking the anticipated compromises with Angela Merkel's CDU party, the left-wing SPD party has secured an extension of the proposed tax to now include foreign currency trading in which the UK is a global leader. The measures, if implemented, would place additional strains on the UK and other EU member states to limit the impact of the tax which could come into force in 2015. The European Commission (EC) repeated this week that contrary to its own legal advice, the FTT can still proceed in its current form. German coalition ag... Lees Meer »

De meest voorkomende fouten gemaakt in familievermogen planning in Azië


Speaking with Hubbis recently, Mr Rivers outlined some of the key areas that ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals should, but often fail, to consider when transferring wealth from one generation to the next. “One of the key factors for the patriarch generation is to consider the best way that they can package together core assets of the family – for example, the business - and hold it for successive generations,” Mr Rivers said. “So, for example, keeping the shareholding together - not dissipating it by legacy of will or disposition am... Lees Meer »

TMF Group, Inzicht: het ondersteunen van een FTSE 100 (UK)


Since May, three of TMF Group UK’s Company Secretarial team members at different levels, from graduate trainee to senior manager, have provided the company secretarial function for a FTSE 100 firm, following several departures and in the midst of a high profile takeover. Madeleine Cordes, Senior Manager, said: "TMF Group's experienced team has been able to provide stability, consistency of support and a central point of contact for information through a busy period for the directors and senior legal and finance colleagues. A lot of our time ... Lees Meer »

Nieuwe werknemer aandeelhouder status in het Verenigd Koninkrijk met ingang van 1 september 2013


The status of employee shareholder comes with large tax benefits: the first £2,000 worth of employee shares will not be liable to either income tax or national insurance there is a capital gains tax exemption of up to £50,000 on the first disposal of shares acquired via the employee shareholder regulations. The status of employee shareholder can be attributed to both new employees and to existing employees who agree to alter their status. Employee shares acquired can be either in relation to the employing company or its parent compa... Lees Meer »

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