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The other side of America

The other side of America

  • Internationale
  • Being a Dutchman I was shocked to see what is happening on Skid Row Los Angeles being there to sigh my book at the los Angeles festival of books. I wrote a song.
  • CD PRINT-001 (1)
  • Spirit on Sound
  • All proceeds will go to the Los Angeles Mission for a meal for our Homless friends

Last year I was in Los Angeles signing my books Born to die at the Festival of books. It was then that my driver toke down to Skid Row and as the song says tears streamed down my face being shocked at what i saw. Suddenly this song started to grow in my heart The other side of American it would not let go of me. Back in Holland I found a big studio Pro music in Eemness and top artist to record this for free. Also Emile Koelink rewrote some of the things to make it better. Richard Poot the owner of  Pro music did the production and arrangements And top artist Martijn Luttmer the mouth organ. Please down this song for a meal .Spread it wide and far on every radio station to make people aware …The other side of America.
\\Well dear friends here is the song here is the clip here is the moment that you can down load the song from and soon on Amazone Spotify Itunes etc…Yes today it is released thanks to so many wonderful artist friends here in the Netherlands. Help me to help others its for a meal. You can also donate directly to the Los Angeles Mission. and watch it on Youtube. Thank you.

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