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TMF Group Hungary achieves Superbrand Status

TMF Group Hungary achieves Superbrand Status

  • Nederland
  • We are proud to announce that TMF Group Hungary has been officially recognised as a Business Superbrand for 2013.
  • TMF Netherlands B.V.
  • http://www.tmf-group.com
  • carla.mendy@tmf-group.com
  • http://www.tmf-group.com/en/Media-Centre/News-Comments-and-Features/September-2013/TMF-Group-Hungary-achieves-Superbrand-status

Since 1995, independent body Superbrands has commissioned independent research to identify the UK’s strongest brands, and is now present in over 50 countries, including Hungary.

Every year the Business Superbrands Committee selects the most prominent brands in a host of countries based on the opinions of marketing experts, business and industry professionals, and thousands of consumers.

Each business is assessed on a range of information, including: balance sheet, profit and loss information, business activities, size, demography, trends, ethical norms, discipline in meeting payment liabilities, attitude to business partners, transparency, shareholders, etc.

“This is a great achievement for TMF Group Hungary, which has worked hard to build our brand and reputation over the last 8-10 years,” said Julia Varga, MD of TMF Group Hungary. “I hope that this makes our colleagues in Hungary and across the world feel proud of our business.”

TMF Group will continue to build on this success across its offices, based in more than 75 countries worldwide.

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