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Vistra Group gesponsord “Ana van Karma ‘book launch event in Shanghai

Vistra Group gesponsord “Ana van Karma ‘book launch event in Shanghai

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  • Vistra Group was the exclusive sponsor of the “Ana by Karma” book launch event held in Shanghai on 22 April 2015. Quin Thong, the founder of “Ana by Karma”, introduced her newly published book “Weaving Rainbows in the Himalayas – The Art of Bhutanese Scarf Tying” and the 26 scarf-tying styles to over 60 guests.
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“Ana by Karma” is a social enterprise aimed at empowering illiterate underprivileged Bhutanese women weavers to produce and sell handmade scarves to generate income and preserve the heritage of weaving. Bhutan is known for its Gross National Happiness Index, and the scarves provide a “piece of this happiness”. The “Ana by Karma” brand was launched in September 2014, and today, this project supports over 60 local Bhutanese weavers.

The book launch took place on a sunny afternoon at a unique and tranquil café in the heart of Shanghai commercial district. Vistra Group CEO, Martin Crawford opened the event with welcome remarks, followed by a sharing from Quin Thong.

Volunteers demonstrated different scarf-tying styles while guests followed and learned to tie themselves, and guests were also invited to go on stage to learn how to wear a Bhutanese costume. And of course all attendees had the opportunity to purchase the colourful scarves and the newly published book.

To further support “Ana by Karma”, the Vistra Group has commissioned the Bhutanese weavers to hand make scarves in the new Vistra colours. The ‘Vistra’ scarf was handed out to each guest along with a copy of the book as they left the event.

We are delighted to support “Ana by Karma”; each scarf that is sold provides one weaver in Bhutan with a day of paid work.

For more information on “Ana by Karma”, please visit

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